Palma Sola Medical Associates of Bradenton, Florida

Palma Sola Medical Associates consists of non-surgical and non-narcotic pain management, Chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and internal medicine. Palma Sola Medical Associates has created a combination of medical professionals with the ability and convenience of helping people treat their pain all under one roof. Each patient is giving a course of treatment that is uniquely specific to that patient based on their individual condition. Dr. Sammour and his team are dedicated to helping each patient becoming pain free.

Dr. Adnan Sammour

Dr. Adnan Sammour is a board certified physician who is highly trained in non-narcotic pain management, in Bradenton, FL

Our office serving all of Florida provides non-surgical non-narcotic pain management (myofascial pain management) along with internal medicine. Pain is often treated unsuccessfully with surgery or narcotics. Surgery does not always correct the problem and usually necessitates lengthy physical therapy. Narcotics only mask the pain without ever fixing the cause. Narcotics also carry side effects, which can cause other ailments. Dr. Sammour treats pain through different modalities and has developed an unique technique after lengthy studies of dry needling, intramuscular stimulation, (fascial manipulation), ultrasound guided injections, prolotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, functional movement screen, posture analysis, and targeted exercises. Our treatments are noninvasive and typically one session is enough to successfully give the desired pain relief and restore function of the affected area.

Dr. Adnan Sammour is one of a select few in the United States that specializes in this unique technique in non-surgical and non-narcotic pain management.