Chiropractic Therapy 

The main objectives of chiropractic are to improve function, movement, and posture in the body as well as decrease pain in the spine and other joints, muscles, and fascia. Dr. Fielding is sensitive to the fact that some people are leery of being adjusted or have had negative experiences in the past. Thus, he utilizes his background as a former massage therapist as well as his knowledge of exercise/yoga, nutrition, and acupuncture along with a combination of traditional manual adjustments and gentler instrument adjustments techniques to customize a treatment that meets the needs of each individual patient.

He is passionate about health and his career in helping others. He has treated thousands of patients of all ages, from just a few months old to nearly 100 years old, and from everyday people to professional athletes. He truly cares about his patients, and he exemplifies this by seeing only one patient in the office at a time and spending the entire treatment visit with each patient, giving them the individualized care they need.

Massage Therapy & Soft Tissue Mobilization 

Poor posture, repetitive motion, and injuries can create tension and maladaptive patterns in the muscles and connective tissue. Soft tissue mobilization, either manually or with the use of instruments, compliments chiropractic adjustments by releasing restriction in the muscle and connective tissue.

The benefits of these techniques include:

· Recovery from an injury
· Improvement of range of motion caused by scar tissue after surgery
· Increased flexibility, performance
· Recovery of muscles

Fascial Movement Taping

The use of highly-adhesive, elastic taping along the myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) planes is used to accomplish several outcomes:

· Reduction of acute/chronic pain
· Reduction of acute inflammation/swelling
· Delaying muscle fatigue during extended activities (work or exercise)
· Normalizes muscle tone and activation during movement
· Supports movement and distributes stress to nearby areas

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises utilizing core muscles and proper neuromuscular sequencing are proven effective ways to:
· Improve coordination and timing of muscular groups
· Reduce atrophy or muscle loss
· Rehabilitate and prevent injuries
· Promotes circulation to enhance soft tissue healing
· Increases bone density
· Increases endurance, reduces fatigue
· Improve posture, balance, and range of motion

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps people across their lifespan with a varied list of common problems related to lifestyle, poor postures repetitive motions, and injuries to their musculoskeletal or neurological systems. Even with similar symptoms everybody can have different reasons for their pain or inability to perform their normal activities. We will evaluate each patient then design a specific program of manual therapy, electrical modalities, exercises, and lifestyle modification. This will help a patient learn how to keep their body healthy, functional, hopefully pain free.

We have many different hand on techniques to treat all of a patient's body systems including muscles, tendons, ligaments, visceral organs, craniosacral, and nervous systems. Exercises will be prescribed to help maintain the corrections made with hands on techniques. We utilize many different methods to best suit each patient’s individual needs.

Fascial and soft tissue work: craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, joint mobilization, a variety of osteopathic manual techniques, electrical stimulation of acupuncture points, complete lymphedema therapy, therapeutic exercise, postural correction, structural integration, individualized yoga and Pilates instruction, balance and functional training. Somatoemotional release (SER) and visceral emotional work can also be incorporated into treatment.